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Organizational Reviews

SLR conducts organizational reviews and makes recommendations on improvements in the following subject areas: 

- Management / Efficiency Evaluations

- Labor Management Relations

- Executive Leadership Mentoring

- Workforce Allocation and Deployment

- Staffing Studies

Other Services

- Executive Search

- Interim Executive Placements

Promotional Assessments

Selecting the best individuals to lead your organization is an important and difficult task for any organization.  Structured Assessments and Assessment Centers are  a very effective predictor of success for future leaders.  Candidates are placed in situations specifically designed to elicit behaviors that can be scored by trained and experienced professionals.

These behaviors or dimensions may include:


- Leadership

- Problem Analysis and Judgment

- Oral Communication

- Planning and Organizing

- Interpersonal Relations

- Initiative

- Teamwork

- Professional Knowledge

- Written Communications

- Creativity

A task analysis is conducted as well as interviews with incumbent supervisors and their leadership.  A custom instrument is designed and an orientation of the candidates is conducted prior assessment date.

Assessors who hold at least the rank of the position being assessed are drawn from area agencies which ensures the effective and non-biased assessment of your agency's candidates.

The assessment process, when used as a portion of the overall promotional process, can be effectively administered for up to 8 candidates in one day.  

The assessment process, when properly designed and facilitated, also serves as a developmental tool for candidates. The feedback the candidates receive lets them know their strengths and areas for improvement. Clients often remark how helpful this is for candidates in their everyday work and on on future assessments.

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